What are the measurements you should take for safe exercise in recumbent bike??

Its always better to take safety measurements before starting any exercise. Remember you are trying to gain something from exercising, but if any miscalculations happen you will have to deal with pain to get rid of those uneven situations. Though the main purpose of driving a recumbent exercise bike is to get maximum comfort rather than a treadmill, the misuse can cause injury to your health. Today I am going to talk some safety measurements you should take into consideration before starting.

Adjusting the speed:

To get the different intensity of your workout, you should settle the resistance of your bike. You may find comfort in the speedy paddle, but someone may be comfortable with a slow paddle with lower resistance. In such situation understand your strength and fix the resistance regulator of your bike. For better balance the bike speed in between your need and output. To get greatest pedalling power and comfort, bend your knee near about 25 to 30-degree angle.

Adjusting the steering:

If you have circulatory issues in your arm, then under seat steering would be a great exercising tools for you. And other than, chose above seat steering. So to get an excellent result from your workout chose the steering type carefully. It will enhance your comfort without compromising a good workout.

Adjusting seats and handlebars:

To maintain correct posture while riding, you can adjust the seat and handlebars. If you bent the seat too far back which will have a massive impact on the back and it will strain the back muscles. So before starting judge your comfort and stature yourself by choosing the desired position of leaning forward or sitting upright.

If you dont have lumbar spinal stenosis issue you may find comfort in back-leaning position. Otherwise, it will affect your back seriously. These functions are not available on the upright bike, whereas recumbent exercise bike is a great exercising machine in supporting low back problems. So this is also a lesson for those who need extra lower back support. You also can adjust the seat while on running or when you are off the bike.

Changing your saddle height:

It is considered as one of the easy adjustments you can make to your bike yet important. First of all, you need to determine the height of the saddle and remember it should match the height of your hipbone.

Adjust the distance:

To maintain proper distance put your elbow at the top side of the machines saddle and set your arm towards the handle. So make necessary adjustment till you are set to this position. Sometimes you can adjust the handlebar height. It is recommended that for the lower back pain you should raise your handlebar a bit higher than seating chair. It will increase your comfort and will provide maximum output.

One more thing if you find your hips are rocking too much it indicates that your machines seat needs to be adjusted.

Great output and pleasure will definitely beneficial to your health, while mismatch can be injurious to your health. So take correct measurements for happy exercise.